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A Plea For Trees

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Posted 13 November 2017 - 07:44 PM

I wanted to bring to the attention of the devs a problem that has been around for quiet some time and that is trees. In particular, tree visuals and tree flashing in general. This particular thread from over three years ago and happens to be a pinned topic on the Open Rails forum at TS, discusses tree appearance and how trees of "forest region" type seem to lose detail as the camera backs away from the image. The issue remains and is of great hindrance to those of us who care about this sort of thing.

Below is a image that illustrates this once again with the lower trees looking normal and the upper trees which are "forest regions" using the same exact image looking drastically different and obviously something is wrong.

Trees of "forest region" type look like sticks and lose much of their detail at a short distance away from them. The detail seems to come back as you come closer, but the image is still distorted in color (usually darker) as you zoom closer as shown below. You will also notice that the tree with more detail are tree objects and the trees with less are "forest objects" but have less detail even though they are the same texture image:


As you can see being closely zoomed in, the trees in the foreground blend well and in the distance, they look like sticks again. Let me point out for my own sake that I have exported these images many, many different times as well as other tree images with multiple image programs, with the same result. If it were the image itself, then it would almost certainly look odd with the tree object as well. Bigger fuller trees dont show this effect so much, but it is still there and is especially pronounced on winter type trees, or thinner trees. I hope that the answer to this question isnt to simply settle and thats why I bring it up ever-so-often.

It seems as well, the tree object has more white around it as the "forest region" tree is more crisp and has no white edge. This is most certainly the alpha, but shows they're probably being applied differently? This most likely would explain why one tree looks darker as it is an optical illusion, but still doesnt account for image quality loss and how both look vastly different from close and from afar. I think its fair to expect as a user that both tree types would look the same and thus blend seamlessly, making forest regions, or forward facing trees an attractive option for mass tree placement to cut impact on FPS.

The issue of tree flickering also reported by me here and here has gone unaddressed, but I only bring those issues up as they may be related to this issue as well and may add to this particular conversation. I understand this comes down to time, knowledge and want to on behalf of someone who wishes to take this on, but all I know is trees are getting no love.

As far as this being a alpha blending issue with forest objects is beyond my control as a user since those parameters seem to be hard coded? If this issue doesnt matter to you then I ask that you keep it to yourself as we all have our wants and wishes and these issues have been confirmed issues/bugs for quite some time. Thanks for reading.

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