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1875 Baldwin 4,6,0 Ten Wheeler Steam Locomotive

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Posted 06 May 2011 - 09:18 AM

File Name: 1875 Baldwin 4,6,0 Ten Wheeler Steam Locomotive
File Submitter: jpetersjr
File Submitted: 06 May 2011
File Category: 3D Modeling Utilites and Source Files

Here's a file I was working on with 3D Crafter 8.2.

I was planning on making it freeware for Railworks and would only want it to be freeware.

It is a Baldwin 4,6,0 Ten Wheeler steam locomotive from the year of 1875. I had completed the 3d cab except for animation. Had built most of the engine part, but hadn't finished the rods and pistons and hadn't gotten to doing the animation. I hadn't been able to build the tender yet, the one I had built ended up too big for this engine and wouldn't have worked with it.

I would like to see if someone would finish this locomotive and add it to Railworks, and any other simulator game if you'd like to convert it. But however, I would not like someone to get it, finish it, and not put it on Railworks. Since I would like to run it and use it on my route, but I don't have any other simulator game.

Sadly my modeling program terminated itself and my blueprint editor will no longer work, so I can do nothing more with it.

The 3dc file is a good file, worked perfectly the last time I opened it. It comes in two pieces, engine and 3d cab.

Here's some screen shots of how it looked, but all the textures have been removed so it would need a new final texture.

Also have another request for the locomotive in honor of me. If you do collect this file and build it you give me Jonathan Burton Peters Jr credit for building most of the engine and you make it freeware to the community. Since I planned to make it freeware for the community. Not interested in payware.

You can contact me at jpetersjr1@hotmail.com and I can find sounds, and I have some photo's of a actual locomotive of this.

Sincerely jpetersjr

Click here to download this file

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