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Can I change the index number in a .act file Want to reorder the activity menu in a route Rate Topic: -----

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Posted 12 December 2017 - 03:15 AM

Here's a pretty unimportant problem. I've got a route, London & Port Stanley. It has ten activities that have times in their title, 0745, 1000, 1015, etc. There are some other activities that have alphanumeric prefixes to their titles, T34, T9, etc. Being obsessive and somewhat anal-retentive, I would really like to have these in order, but they don't show up according to their title. When I opened up a few in my editor, I noticed that the order they appear on the menu seems to be determined by a line called "serial" in the activity file. Am I going to break things irreparably if I edit these numbers to my satisfaction?

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Posted 12 December 2017 - 05:58 AM

Hi Procopius,
I'm assuming you're referring to the MSTS Route & Activity screen.

The serial number has nothing whatever to do with how activities are listed. First of all, they are listed in three groups, Easy, Medium and Hard and within each group, are listed in alphanumerical order of whatever is entered as the Name parameter.

If you open the .act file, you can edit the Name parameter to whatever you like (keep it to one line and put it in double-quotes, as the original); you can also change the Difficulty value if required (0 = easy, 1 = Medium, 2 = Hard), without having any detrimental effect on running the activity.

One very important point. If the ACTIVITIES folder also contains a .asv file with the same name as the .act file, you won't see any effects from your edits! This is because MSTS reads .asv files in preference to reading the matching .act file. The solution is to delete the .asv file/s.

When using Open Rails, the list of activities is based on the Name only, ie the Difficulty setting is ignored.

Hope this helps :)


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