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Forum Conduct

Please read the HELP section on Download Restrictions. It will explain a lot about how this system operates. If you want to assist us with operating costs and have all download restrictions lifted, I encourage you to consider donating for a Yearly Membership.

We pride ourselves in offering you quality rather than quantity. Your participation in community discussions is encourage, but not demanded. Browse through the File Library for some of the finest quality MSTS add-ons available anywhere on the web.

No fees are required. If you experience any problems with the software of experience anything strange, please PM any one of the Administrative staff for assistance .

If you are unhappy with the look of the forum, we have different skin options available to you. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and on the left hand side you will see an RSS symbol. Immediately to the right you will see the default skin name. Currently that is Dark Aqua. There is a scroll box to the right that will show a listing of available skins for the forum. If you wish to use any other on a permanent basis, select it an every time you log on to the system, that skin will appear.

Show off your favorite Railroad as your Avatar. Edit your Avatar settings and select from our 300 + RR heralds to display with your name in posts and will also be displayed in your profile.

If you are a content creator, re-skinner, activity builder or have anything to add to our File Library, we welcome you to contribute. Contributors of quality items to our file library do enjoy some added privileges. All new additions to the File Library are subject to inspection and review before acceptance. If any file submitted is not considered high enough quality for our File Library, you will be contacted and we will tell you why we did not approve your file. If we can, we will offer suggestions on how the submission can be improved. Any repackaged or renamed files submitted or, God forbid, payware items submitted can result in a permanent ban from the system.

We encourage you to participate, or start you own discussion(s) in the forums. Forum participation is not mandatory. If have come here only to download files, that is fine with us. Your download capabilities are subject to restrictions and you won't be able to grab everything we offer in one session. Details of these restrictions are outlined in the Help section.


Some newly approved members have attempted to jump right in to the forums and respond to as many posts as they can with simple, meaningless responses to posts, such as "I got to get me one of those" or "that my favorite loco" and in some cases just add a smiley as their reply. We have ZERO TOLERANCE of this conduct by any newly approved members and those members who have started out in this manner no longer have access to the system.

THINK before you post.

We do NOT condone warez or any illegally activity or related materials. Any member found to be associated with warez and/or illegal material will be banned on the spot with no prior warning.