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Help Topic: Submitting files to the Library

Adding Files
If you have permission to upload your own files, you can press the " Upload File" button from anywhere in the download manager. You can select a category to enter the file into if you were not already viewing one, then enter the file name and description.

Normally, you will upload a file from your computer. To upload your file, press the button. A box will appear for you to select the file on your computer that you want to attach. Select the file you want to upload.

You may alternatively be able to enter a URL to your file. You can instead use this to submit your file if the option is available.

Repeat the process for uploading a screenshot. Screenshots may be compulsory or optional - if you do not upload a screenshot, a "No Screenshot" message will be shown when viewing your file.

When you are ready, press Add Submission.

It is important that you do not press the Add Submission button more than once. If your file is large, it will take a while for the file to finish uploading - please be patient during this period.

Once you file has been uploaded you will be taken to it - be aware that you may need to wait for your file to be approved.

You may, after submitting your file, be able to edit or delete it by pressing the " Edit file" and " Delete file" buttons respectively. Edits may also need to be approved.