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Royal Visit on Seaview A picture story Rate Topic: ***** 1 Votes

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Posted 28 April 2022 - 08:30 AM

Today Sea View was visited by His Royal Highness Ludwig II of Bavaria who happened to find himself and his train caught in a time vortex, thrusting him over a century into the future!
Dazzled by this new and wonderful world, Ludwig requested to visit as many islands as possible and see the sights. His engineer didn't know the road so a Sea View man familiar with it all volunteered to run the royal train.

The Kings first visit was Pine Island and his train was a very unfamiliar sight to the people of the beach. A very famous mascot of Sea View was caught in the view of our photographer.

Following the train on their bicycle our photographer has a hard time taking a good shot while keeping up with the train.

Here the train passes the old and renown Mango Man Fruit Company, famous for their delicious fruit juices and products made from the local mango and coconut plantations.
Ludwig was mighty impressed by such a vast complex, he enjoyed mangos and other tropical fruits in his castles.

Next our photographer catched the train passing by the Pine Island NPP. The facility was mired in a scandal where it was rumored the SNEC was controlled by the government to use the atomic waste for making bombs and nasty experiments in the Vault.

Charging up the helical bridge and passing the Grönoset Mansion in the background. This grand property was once the home of a prominent industrialist on Sea View with ties to the government. But after some curious investigations by a British reporter in early 2003 Mr. Grönoset mysteriously vanished never to be heard from again. His mansion has since been marked as a museum.

Our photographer snapped a hasty shot of the train on the way to Sea View City.

... and caught up just in time to snap this shot of the locomotive Tristan coasting into the station.

Leaving Sea View City, old King Ludwig watched the popular baseball game played by the home team Pine Island Pitchers vs the away team Spalding Sandsnakes, the engineer drifted her by slowly enough as to give the King a good view of the proceedings.

The next stop was the Island Mall. Here he stopped his train to make a personal visit to the mall and soon his lackeys could be seen packing all kinds of things into the cars. The locals found the whole spectacle amusing and applauded when the Bavarian monarch held a public speech of what a nice and wonderful place Pine Island and its mall was.

Our photographer managed this shot of the train as it left the Island Mall, while perched precariously on an old piling. The sign must have been amusing to the King as his train is the epitome of luxury travel, but perhaps a trip on this "Sea View Express" would be worth a try?

The royal train of Ludwig II leaves Pine Island.

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Posted 28 April 2022 - 09:49 AM

Next stop on the time-traveling Kings journey across Seaview is the Ocean Bottom. Never in his days had he seen underwater tunnels like these and secretly feared if they would cave in. The engineer had difficulties in keeping the trains speed on the trip down the tunnels, it only has direct air brake on the locomotive and the unreliable Heberlein system wasn't very useful. They made it down safe enough.

Our photographer wore scuba gear for this one.

The citizens of the Ocean Bottom domes were very curious to see the 1870s train come through.

What does our fireman see if not a yellow submarine with Sgt. Peppers marching band?

Our intrepid photographer climbed the Rocky Dome for this shot.

Unfortunately for King Ludwig his beloved Tristan wasn't up to the task of climbing the grade out from the sea floor and a diesel had to assist, this made the King very upset and no photos were taken of the Dusty Canyon trip.

Our photographer reunited with the train at Gecko Park where the monarch enjoyed all the rides.

Two German locomotives meet! Tristans engineer blew the whistle as they passed the replica Saxonia.

Passing the Saxonia cinema with no watchers. The fireman of the train was hand-picked by the volunteer engineer. She is one of the many labor clones created in the Vault and was rejected by her masters and would've been destroyed.

She seems to do well enough, the boiler pressure hasn't dropped by more than a few pounds.

Ludwig II enjoyed his trip through Saxonia and the train passes a camping ground as they leaves the island. Our photographer had to rent a paraglider to get this aerial shot but they didn't mind combining work and fun!

Where are they heading now? I hope His Majesty have secured permits to enter this area...

"Gott in himmel, are these angels!?" No, they're just extraterrestial visitors coming to pick up their friends.

An audience with the King? Oh, they just wanted to know where the nearest cow is.

Seems the agents didn't like the King talking with the aliens, get us out of here engineer!

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Posted 28 April 2022 - 10:22 AM

Another fine shot from our photographer as the train leaves SVSA. It's amazing how they find the spots to take a good shot.

It was very distressing for Ludwig to see the chaos of Shaky Island and he refused to leave the safety of his royal salon car as the train eased over this very study-looking bridge. Did I mention the bridge has an A-class certification and is up to code?

Another earthquake hit while the train left Shaky Island so our photographer didn't stay for long. Instead they took this shot as Tristan speeds across Iguana Isle.

Exiting the tunnel from Iguana Port in a cloud of steam.

Will they keep left? What secrets are behind those gates? It would be very tempting to find out, but who are those men in suits guarding the gate and what are they doing?

Better do as the men in the suit says, especially when they threaten to point a gun at you!

Another nice shot by our photographer, a remote-operated camera drone is the newest weapon in their arsenal.

What a suprise! Just as the train went past, Ursula - the biggest alligator in the world - chose to pop up with her offspring. It startled both the engineer and the fireman as Ursulas jaws are big enough to almost devour their locomotive!

Suprised locals watch the train pass the crossing on its arrival at Serenity Beach.

The train did a lengthy stop here as King Ludwig II wanted to stroll along the beach, his lackeys following his every move. He even chose to have a brief swim.

Leaving Serenity Beach and our photographer suffered a few tics and leeches to take this photo of the beatiful Tristan sniffing her way through the grass.

Off to Soggy Island!

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Posted 28 April 2022 - 10:49 AM

Soggy Island was too soggy for His Majesty and ordered the train to carry on through to Spalding Island, but not before our photographer snapped some photos.

"We're very sorry but this is a special!" the fireman could be heard shouting as the train rattles over the diamond at Desert Beach.

In the desert now and our photographer climbed this mighty sand dune to catch this view.

Ludwig had only read about the American west back in Bavaria but this is the closest he ever got - the Sea View west!

Passing a disused siding that's seemingly leading to nowehere. There's plenty of rumors about this siding and a strange tunnel. People who've ventured into it are reported to come back scared out of their wits or gone mad, and some don't come back at all...

The engineer reported they were running out of water and so a stop at Mango Grove was arranged. Tristan got to share the water spout with the two Mango Sisters, a pair of Porter 0-4-0s from the last century and who still shuffle Mango Man boxcars around.

A low angle shot from our photographer of Tristan leaving with a full tender.

This train never left the temperate climate of Europe and never would the King imagine he'd find himself traveling through a desert in a distant land a century into the future.

Traversing the sands on their dune trike like an adventurer out of Mad Max our photographer barely caught the train pass through Oasis Depot.

... and this shot with their camera drone. The Kings train looks very out of place in this setting...

A hasty shot of the train leaving Spalding Island, much to the relief of old Ludwig. He almost suffered a heatstroke!

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Posted 28 April 2022 - 11:21 AM

Through the palmtrees and their sweet sweet shade. The salty sea breeze is refreshing.

Towards Coconut Island and the legendary idol of Sniper.

King Ludwig II had never heard of the coconut idol and was astonished as the great statue towered into view from his salon car.

A stop at Coconut Island Depot. The very kind locals gave the King a whole crate of coconuts as thanks for his visit. And before leaving, the engineer and his fireman cat take the oppertunity to replenish the tender with empty coconut shells for fuel!

The Sea View coconuts must make great fuel for it gave Tristan the umpf she needed to lug her train up to Sky City. His Lackeys asured Ludwig the bridge would not collapse as the train puffed over it.

Finally at Sky City and our photographer snapped this shot from a tree. The air here is thinner but for Ludwig it's not too unlike being in the Bavarian alps.

At a very slow pace the Tristan and her train glide through Sky City. And who is this? It's Sea Views mascot once again in the view of our photographer. She must be here with a friend and was delighted to meet another cat clone and there was alot of meowing exchanged.

Ludwigs train left Sky City and the engineer braced himself for the downhill journey. The shot was taken by our photographers camera drone.

The Bavarian monarch King Ludwig II had hoped to see more of Sea View but as suddenly as before, a time vortex opened and sucked him and his train back in time to Bavaria. The engineer and his cat clone fireman managed to jump clear and were left dazed and confused about the matter.
We hope old Ludwig liked his adventure into the future in the land of Sea View and maybe left a few coconuts in his castles for the future generations to discover.

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