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About speed of new train

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Posted 15 October 2020 - 04:50 PM

Have a good day.
I made an timetable, but I have the following problem.
I will use real names, although you may not know the context, just to be able to identify stages.
Train 54 arrives at the La Plata terminal with coaches and wagons. At the same time, train 512 also arrives at La Plata with only coaches. Train 512 coaches and train 54 locomotive will be abandoned in La Plata, an auxiliary locomotive takes the train 54 wagons and the 512 train locomotive will take the remaining coaches to run train 59. The auxiliary locomotive attached the rear of ex-train 54, to take the wagons, after the incumbent locomotive left train 54. Meanwhile, the locomotive of train 512 abandons its coaches to change ends and be able to attach the coaches of ex-train 54, to run train 59. One kilometer away from La Plata, there is a change in speed, decreasing at the entrance to La Plata (30) and increasing at the exit (80). When the locomotive "512-59" does the maneuver, it does so with a maximum speed of 80, it does not disturb. When the coaches are attached, it continues with a maximum of 80. Fine. When it meets the departure time from La Plata, it continues to 80, when it starts, it goes to 30 and never returns to 80. I have already done different tests and I can rule, for many reasons, that it is not an error of the route, it is an error of the timetable. I don't know how to fix it. When the train 59 reaches its destination, the next train formed does go 80 kilometers per hour.

#Dispose for finished 512: $forms=LPLP59-28-AD-Maniobra $detach /nonpower /static
#Dispose for 512-59: $forms=LPMZ59-29-AE-59 $pickup /static
#Dispose for aux loco: $forms=LPLP54c-44-AT-Maniobra $pickup /static $detach /units=7 /static
#Dispose for finished 54 loco: $forms=SNSN54a-39-AO-Maniobra $detach /nonpower /static

Thank you.

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Posted 18 October 2020 - 05:49 AM

Do you use the max=30 and max=80 commands in the #speedkph; row of the timetable?

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