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Posted 02 April 2008 - 01:02 AM

File Name: NZR Standpipe Interactive Water Filler
File Submitter: captain_bazza
File Submitted: 2 Apr 2008
File Updated: 29 Aug 2009
File Category: Miscellaneous (Everything Else)

NZR Standpipe Interactive Water Filler (interactive)
NZR Rectangular water vat (non-interactive)

By Barry R Munro, aka Captain Bazza, 22 July 2005

Licence: Public Domain, must include this readme file. User accepts any risks associated with these files.

This model is in 1:1.284 scale but may be resized with SFM to suit. Test in the sim before applying rescale.

Note: Shape of rectangular watervat was increased in size, as the original model
was too small. Dated 28 July 2005.

Additional information

The rectangular watervat is generic, as the design/size varied. This
model is one size fits all. There are no animated parts. The model has
two LODs 500/1000m. You can place watervats side by side, but suggestion
using only a single interactive standpipe.
"Standpipe" is sometimes referred to in the NZR as a "hydrant".

The standpipe model must be placed at 90 degrees to track, with black marker
centered on track.

The free standing (non dynamic scenery model) rectangular water
vat is used in conjunction and can be placed where convenient, but
should be within reasonable distance of the standpipe. However,
where other water supplies are used, the standpipe can be used
without a watervat, as it was in some yards with piped water systems.

Set the standpipe model's options in the RE - use the model selection button (leftclick)
on model, then highlight model with rightclick to bring up wireframe, then rightclick again (?)
the bring up the model's properties window.

Detail level: 0 (the model has two LODs 500/1000m)

General (cont):
Shadow - None
Make sure the 'Animate this object' button is unticked - repeat, it stays unticked.

Collision properties:
Make sure the 'Collide with objects' button is unticked.
Collision behaviour - Immovable

Pick Up:
Set the water supply to - Never runs out. (ticked)
Content 200000.0 Units. (no tick)
Fill rate - 2000 Units/Sec - could use lower figure, such as 1000.0, then it takes longer to fill.
Speed range - 0.0 to 0.0 mph.
Anim type - Activated animation and activated effects.
Anim length - 15.0 secs.

Although made for a New Zealand Railways route, this setup (with/without water vat) could be used in either a US standard gauge or narrow gauge route. (See comments re rescaling.)

Cheers Bazza

Original File Name = bzz_nzr_water_standpipe.zip

Click here to download this file

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