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A feature request for track laying

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Posted 03 February 2019 - 12:30 PM

I recently laid about 25km of track and upon reviewing my work in OR's contributed track viewer I could see in the track profile image that I had not correctly set the pitch in a number of cases (I don't know if the display I was looking at uses world file or .tdb file data, just that it showed me improper (one track) changes of grade. And simply knowing there are problems doesn't give me all the information I need to find that shape when in TSRE. Here is the chart (click on to enlarge to full size):
Attached File  grade chart Winters Br.jpg (157.42K)
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That got me thinking... would it be feasible to add a display on/off feature in TSRE that showed the grade of all tracks in view, much in the same way the world object marker is displayed? Going from one shape to the next to check is a big task but if a person could see the gradient on a lot of tracks all at once then it would be very easy to notice something that wasn't right.

Given tracks can be flipped I was thinking the display could be a vertical sprite line centered on the world object marker, a horizontal line pointing to the other end of the shape, and the grade value per whichever UOM has been selected. The horizontal line then the number informs the route builder which track the gradient value refers to.

A route builder could toggle that on this display, review his work, toggle it off again... or maybe leave it on while laying more track. That might help catch an error while doing the work instead of some later time. AFAIK, only shapes that are TrackObj() need this information.

I was also thinking about how the tsection line is a highly visible yellow but the .tdb line is a very hard to see gray. Might the later gain some color? Any color but yellow would do.

Thanks for your consideration.

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Posted 22 March 2019 - 07:22 AM

What a useful idea. I've been tearing my hair out the past couple of days, re-laying a stretch which I've done and re-done repeatedly, only still to find one daft section has for it's own good reasons decided to reverse the elevation I put in. This would be a very useful checker as you go along.

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