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Open Rails 1.3

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Posted 18 November 2018 - 06:40 AM

Open Rails 1.3 has been released!

Download: http://openrails.org/download/program/
Manual: http://openrails.org...-and-tutorials/

A summary of the new and improved features can be found below. In addition, over 140 bugs have been fixed in this release. Please keep reporting bugs and suggesting new features so Open Rails can continue to imporve.

This is the last version of Open Rails to support Windows XP; future versions will require Windows 7 or later.

  • Timetables can join and split trains to form new trains
  • Mouse control for 3D cabs
  • Working transfer tables
  • Activity evaluation
  • Separate files for extensions to activity files

What's been added:
  • Steam locomotive vacuum brake ejector and general improvements to vacuum brake operation
  • Route-wide sounds when trains pass over switches
  • Route-wide sounds when trains pass over low radius curves
  • Save and resume in multiplayer
  • Signal script functions can be reused by multiple signal types
  • Car spawner option to support walking people
  • Cab radio sound triggers
  • Command-line tool to load all supported file formats
  • Activity randomization, including dynamic weather and mechanical problems
  • Persistent variables in signal scripts
  • Pooling of available trains in sidings for timetables
  • Explicit train speed setting in timetable editor
  • Visual steam and smoke effects for locomotives and wagons
  • Fuel gauge cab control for steam locomotives

What's been improved:
  • Content-creator option to keep trees off roads and tracks
  • Station and siding labels fade in as you approach
  • Multiple passenger viewpoints inside train cars
  • AI trains open and close doors at stations
  • Steam locomotive simulation and content-creator options
  • Content-creator per-model and per-instance level crossing sounds
  • Various new signal script functions
  • Explore route in activity mode
  • Better commands for manually changing weather
  • Load animation can be used on wagons and locomotives to vary physics properties
  • Option to load only day/night textures as needed, not both
  • Can define custom signal function types
  • Content-creator options for controlling signal light glow
  • Additional animations and mouse control for cab controls
  • Improved AI waiting point control in activities
  • User and content-creator options for sound attenuation in cab and passenger views
  • Content-creator timetable commands for stop positioning
  • Content-creator timetable options for random delays on various actions
  • Expose to users internal option to force all objects to cast shadows
  • Content-creator option for timetables to override default stopping time at stations
  • Better checks for when trains stop at stations
  • Simulation of wind resistance forces
  • Option to automatically discard abnormal values in locomotives

A full list of changes is available.

Important notes:
  • Open Rails develops features and bug fixes in public at http://launchpad.net/or
  • Open Rails is distributed under the GNU GPL v3 free software license

P.S. If anyone here frequents non-English language forums that would benefit from seeing the Open Rails release, you are free to copy the text above with links into other forums. Thanks!

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Posted 19 November 2018 - 07:26 AM

View PostJames Ross, on 18 November 2018 - 06:40 AM, said:

Open Rails 1.3 has been released!

Download: http://openrails.org/download/program/

Those of us who upgrade our installations using the download link above may not have visited the Open Rails home page.

If so, you will have missed the 2 new items there on the pop-up.

Attached Image: 2018-11-19 15_20_36-Open Rails - Free train simulator project.jpg

These are intended to support new users and the routes both have installers for Open Rails v1.3 included to pre-load the routes and make it easier to get started.

I welcome the donation of a free route from TrainSimulations (shortened but upgraded to Open Rails). Many thanks to Jason Dilworth for this initiative.

Do take a look at Peter Newell's Zig Zag Railway route. Tutorials are not a new idea but we had to have a route which doesn't infringe Microsoft copyright and it also needed careful planning to deliver an effective tutorial for using Open Rails.

Please try it out and give Peter some feedback on his tutorials.

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Posted 08 December 2018 - 08:41 AM

Congratulation to the team!
I do not currently have as much free time as I would like to use it, but I downloaded 1.3, it installed perfectly, and runs just fine!Nice work.

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Posted 02 January 2019 - 05:17 AM

Can someone point me to the discussion on activity extensions?

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