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Posted 12 January 2018 - 03:43 PM

File Name: ALCo_Century-420_Low-front-hood_TSM_Resource_Kit
File Submitter: B & O GUY
File Submitted: 12 Jan 2018
File Category: 3D Modeling Utilites and Source Files

Brass ALCO C-420 4 axle road Switcher-TSM resource kit by B & O GUY

An Orginal Model (Except Couplers and Airhoses) by Allen Norton
"Nortec"-B&O Guy"
Couplers and Air Hoses by "Tim Muir"..
This model is intended for "Open Rails".

This mode; is a little different than most of the previous kit's. The screen's
on both sides of the long hood are 3D modeled instead of having a transparent
or alpha panel on which to paint a screen. This although adding quite a few
polygon's and point's this should make painting much more enjoyable on
model's painted for Open Rails. Also the louver panel's at the rear on left and
right sides can be joined to the long hood also and painted with the hood. The
door's are included to make painting the door's with the long hood or painted
seperately and used with the model or just used as a pettern for paint on door's
to be discarded afterward. The firemans and engineers cab door's are seperate
from the cab and can be modeled open or closed. The hinges are on the inside
or short hood side. And there are many other detail's that you will notice as
you move around the model.

And I'm sure there will be many thing's you will want to change. And that's
alright cause this is a kit. Have at it and enjoy.
The model can be imported by 3DCanvas and possibly 3DCrafter
for use in those programs.

No support is offered or will be given. Use the forum for questions.

Have fun and give proper credit.

I or we are not responsible for any damage to your computer or
programs because of you loading this file on or in your Train Sim
Modeler or 3DCanvas/Crafter. You bear the sole responsibility for
any problems you may encounter. Any other problems you may
encounter while modeling and texturing the model are and will be
considered part of your learning experience.
Model statistics;
Some small textures are included with this kit. The coupler and hoses are
included here with the model. Included with the kit are the textures for
the coupler and hoses.
Model polygon count-27,181
If you need to contact me you may do so here at Elvas Tower.

Thank you
Allen Norton-"B&O Guy"

Click here to download this file

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