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IDEA: Traction Overheating DC Traction Discipline

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Posted 11 August 2017 - 12:06 AM

I came up with the idea because I'm preparing a realistic set of variable ENG engine file templates for my collections not just based on typical specs but company specs like Throttle Percentages for example where not the same locomotive duplicate pair type but with different railway in a consists performs the same while paired: UP crew admiring greatness of a BNSF C44AC throttle settings over their own UP C44AC because BNSF has a higher custom throttle HP setting.

For newer DC motors I realize it is ok to use "ORTSContinuousForceTimeFactor" since all that does based on seconds limits the MaxForce to MaxContinuousForce to protect Traction Motors from overheating. DC Units I see with no red loadmeter section I assume are protected from overheaten Traction Motors because computer kicks in based on company software timings like the majority of UP SD70M I been in that have not much starting TE time under load because they stay low in green load section no matter how high throttle settings are.

So my point in asking is if it is possible for a simple ENG discipline parameter that can damage or completely cutout a units Traction in game for period if the load meter amps range exceeds the seconds a unit can be over the load meter range selected? Or just a parameter similar to "ORTSContinuousForceTimeFactor" in seconds that cuts out Traction if MaxForce range time is exceeded named ORTSMaxForceTimeFactorToDead. Momentum to use MaxForce under slow speeds is regained based on cooling factor time under continuous force in lower throttle settings if TM is not blown out like a bulb reaching exceeded limit.

DIscipline Current I like to call it is needed for realism for those operating DC motors like old classic units like the SD/GP 7,9,20,38,40's etc that have no computers limiting protecting TM's from overheating where it's the engineers responsibility to control the load under continuous speeds.

I have tried RailWorks some years ago where I over throttled a F59PHi from station departure where the engine died from the load meter red too long or the engine temperature it was at. I also think engine temperature control in future should have disciplines to shut or throttle down automatically while overheated if cooling settings are not as good in ENG parameter settings. We already have settings to simulate overheating but I see no discipline as I see temperature rise in HUD.

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