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D&RGW Combine 212

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Posted 08 March 2016 - 04:05 AM

File Name: D&RGW Combine 212
File Submitter: Surflegg
File Submitted: 07 Mar 2016
File Category: NG Passenger Cars

Denver and Rio Grande Western Combine 212
March 7, 2016

Railcar Model and Textures by: Justin Legg
Brakewheel Texture by: Bill Pratt
Shape files for coupler, wheels, and air hoses: Erick Cantu
Physics by Herb Kelsey

Special thanks to: Herb Kelsey for providing the .wag files and other various input
Colorado Railroad Museum for providing original access to original equipment

The narrow gauge combines of the Denver and Rio Grande Western had a wide and varied history, but none so much as the 212. Built

as a coach in 1879 by Billmeyer & Small, it became combine #215 in 1887. As the 215, it went through a unique modification for

service on the Pagosa branch, gaining a Cupola. After the branch was abandoned, the car retained its cupola until 1941. By 1947,

the roof handrails had also been removed. It became part of the "Painted train" in 1950, gaining its Rio Grande Gold appearance.

In 1964, the baggage section was modified into a snack bar, and in 1979 the car was rebuilt into a coach, with steel siding that

simulated wood. In 1986, it became the concession car it is today on the Durango and Silverton.

This version represents the car as it appeared in service on the Silverton Branch circa 1947-1950, while still painted in pullman

green but without roof handrails.

Unzip D&RGW_Pass_212.zip to a temporary folder; then, move the contents to the
..Train Simulator\TRAINS\TRAINSET directory. Then, build a consist using the
consist editor; the passenger car will appear as "COMBINE DRGW 212".

These models were tested on an MSTS-bin system - their high poly-count may make them unstable on other systems.

These models are unique to the Denver & Rio Grande Western Narrow Gauge - repaints are allowed for personal use, and if you wish

to re-upload, please contact me for permission.

PLEASE DO NOT distribute this for money; this is intended to be FREEWARE ONLY.
If you wish to redistribute it, please let me know; I can be contacted via PM
as Surflegg at www.elvastower.com or www.trainsim.com.

Click here to download this file

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