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Posted 30 May 2015 - 11:33 PM

File Name: DNWP 10 Stake Flat Car Set
File Submitter: CrisGer
File Submitted: 31 May 2015
File Category: Flatcars Std Gauge

Denver Northwestern & Pacific Flat Car No. 20066 10 stake type
30 Ton flat car
Built by Pullman Company

New texture by Chris Gerlach
Data from John Emmot

Original Read me and Photo in Original Docs folder.

This was a flat car built for the Denver Northwestern & Pacific Railroad, which operated over the Rollins pass on what was known as the Moffat Road between the early 1900s and its final merger with other lines in 1947. In those years, the RR served the towns along the route and through traffic and carried freight to and from mines, mills and quarries along the route. These flat cars were used for the road itself for construction and maintenance, for service for RR customers and were a open bed with supports design. At times raised sides could be installed to allow carrying of ballast and other materials. The font on the cars was slightly different from other freight cars in the fleet.

A common load for this car type was lumber from the area mills, so a lumber load has been included, and it will be loaded on the car when you utilize the specialized WAG files that includes it with the car body.

This model was made by Tim Muir and he has kindly allowed it to be relettered for use on the Moffat Road. All rights and restrictions remain under his original copyright and READ ME which is included with this package and your use of this car constitutes your acceptance of his terms. You may not use this car for any commercial purpose without his permission, nor may the car be converted to any other format or use without that permission as well. He may be reached at Elvas Tower. His rights statement is as follows:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This is Tim's Rights and Restrictions Clause that Applies to this car in any and all uses and serves as a copyright statement as established by US copyright Law and International Convention and must be obeyed, your use of this model constitutes acceptance of this statement in total.

As author of this design, I advise that it is copyrighted, but royalty free. You may use it and edit it as you wish, but you may not distribute it for money, or include it in a paid distribution without permission from Tim Muir, who can be reached via personal message at Elvas Tower http://www.elvastower.com/forums/. You must include my name in your credits, as well as my copyright notices, and this entire Readme.txt, if you repaint it, use or derive files from it, or otherwise use or distribute these files.

Because this program is royalty free, it is provided WHERE IS, AS IS, WITH ALL FAULTS, and WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE or any other warranties. There is no liability by the authors in your use of this program, instead all liability is assumed by the user.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This model and others in the set are designed for the recreation of the Moffat Road, the route over the Rollins Pass in Colorado that operated between 1907 and the last 1930s. It was the creation of a visoinary, David Moffatt, and he managed build the tracks over the top of the Contienental Divide, thru rough and high country that was buried in deep snow much of the year. There have been no authentic cars or engines for it yet, so this has been a work of great interest. and only possible thru the generous sharing of the shape files by Tim Muir, his wonderful turn of the century creations have made it possible to bring this remarkable RR back to life. Also the historical societies, specifically the Denver and Salt Lake Historicla Society and some others have been a huge help in providing builders plans, photos and info.

Enjoy these creations and they are best run in Open Rails due to the high detail and large textures but they should work in MSTS as well.

thank you Tim and many others. I also owe a huge debt to Capt Bazza (Barry Munro), Tim Muir, Larry Mullett, the Grindre, John Fleming, Steven Thompson, and many others who have helped me learn to use the TSM and other tools to help create rolling stock and scenery for MSTS.

It is with the help of Dean Steam and GMan347 who have provided the accurate WAG and sound files that we can offer this flat car in very close to historic detail for use in the MSTS and Open Rails sim to help preserve railroad history and to honor the traimen who made it all possible and served with this equipment in all weathers fair and foul on our nations railroads making it possible for our great nation to be built.

A separate WAG file is offered that will load a load of cut lumber on the car, many were used to carry lumber from the many mills along the route.

Chris Gerlach (CrisGer)
Elvas Tower
May 2015

Click here to download this file

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