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Pennsylvania BP-60 #5827 by kelticsylk 
29 January 2009 - 11:56 PM
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28 December 2010 - 04:02 AM
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Pennsylvania BP-60 #5827
PRR5827 ALPHA Version A.1
October 20th, 2004
Original model and Textures by Frank Musick.
ENG files courtesy of Chuck Zeiler and North American Locomotive Works, modified by Frank Musick

Among the largest diesel locomotives built by any manufacturer, 24 of these 3000 horsepower giants were purchased by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1947. Each unit was 91 feet long with a total weight of 409,000 pounds (almost 205 tons) carried on 24 wheels, 16 of which were powered by 750 horsepower traction motors. With 102,000 ponds of tractive effort these units were originally assigned to passenger service and were fitted with a 3500 gallon steam boiler for train heating.

The Pennsy ran the "Centipedes" in draw-barred pairs as class BP-60. Their tour of duty, pulling passenger trains over the Alleghenies between Altoona and Pittsburgh, was short. Even with a combined total of 6000 horsepower and 204,000 lbs of tractive effort they proved unsuited for the assignment. Reliability was the chief failing. With 24 wheels and a maze of piping they were a maintenance headache. Their turbochargers were also prone to failure.

All of the units were out shopped at Altoona in the early 1950's. The troublesome turbo chargers were removed and the resulting 5000 horsepower pairs, reclassified as BF-50, continued in helper and "light" freight service until all 24 units were scrapped in the 60's. Makes you wonder what the Pennsylvania considered "light freight".

This model of 5827 attempts to represent the unit as it appeared in the late 1940's

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