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Brass ALCO C-424-425-425HSH-TSM resource kit by B & O GUY 
31 December 2019 - 11:19 AM
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31 December 2019 - 11:19 AM
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Brass ALCO C-424-425-425HSH 4 axle road Switcher-
TrainSim Modeler resource kit by B & O GUY
HSH=High Short Hood model is included for Norfolk & Western
fan's and modeler's.
An Orginal Model (Except Couplers and Airhoses) by Allen Norton
"Nortec"-B&O Guy"
Couplers and Air Hoses by "Tim Muir"..
This model is intended for "Open Rails".
This model is constructed like the C-420 with flush screens
on both sides of the long hood modeled in 3D.
The door's are included to make the painting of the doors
and their placement easier. After textures are completed
the modeled doors may be deleted. Or you can leave them in
place for an added 3D effect. And I'm sure there will be
many thing's you will want to change. And that's alright
because this is a kit. Kit bashing is encouraged. Enjoy and
have fun.
The model can be imported by 3DCanvas and possibly 3DCrafter
for use in those programs.
No support is offered or will be given. Use the forum for
Legals: Have fun and give proper credit.

I or we are not responsible for any damage to your computer
or programs because of you loading this file on or in your
Train Sim Modeler or 3DCanvas/Crafter. You bear the sole
responsibility for any problems you may encounter. Any other
problems you may encounter while modeling and texturing the
model are and will be considered part of your learning
Model statistics;
Some small textures are included with this kit. The coupler
and hoses are included here with the model. Included with
the kit are the textures for the couplers and airhoses by
"Tim Muir". Please give proper credit to him if you should
release your model.
There is no inner cab details with the model's as in chair's
and control cabinet's. Those would have to be modeled by you.
Indicator light's are included on each end of the model's
for passenger service. If your model does not require them,
they may be deleted.
Model polygon count-around 30,000 for each model.
If you need to contact me you may do so here at Elvas Tower.
Thank you
Allen Norton-"B&O Guy"

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